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Rhassoul Powder 4kg

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Exfoiliant, shampoo-conditioner, hair mask, soap/ shower gel, body scrub / FACE MASK

This is an amazing and highly sought after clay which is a natural mineral rich clay mined from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
As it is a natural organic mineral powder it is perfect to use to cleanse both your hair and skin. Supplied in pieces called plaquettes or shales which dissolve in water to form a paste
It is the high levels of mineral content that attracts the dirt, impurities and excess oils to it and then simply rinses away with warm water.

Leaving your skin and hair feeling fantastic, removing impuritities, looking amazing!

100% free of irritants and very kind to ALL skin types
Cleanses all skin types & hair without stripping the natural protective layers, (never removes the oils in your hair or skin or your skin's sebaceous glands, as aggressive shampoos or soaps often do.)
Ideal to use for people who find traditional soaps/cleansers irritating You will discover that this is totally different clay, being exceptionally versatile and gentle and very beneficial for all types of skin conditions including Dry as well as Oily!
Skin Types - All - Sensitive, Dry, Oily, Teenage, Acne, Flaky - ALL skin types will love & benefit !
After just 1 use you will feel a huge improvment, and certainly after a couple of uses you will see the imrpovements too!
As well as Rhassoul as a cleansing mask or rejuvenating treatment masks, it is also perfect to wash with for every day use.
Treatment Masks
Daily Cleanser
Body Masks
Foot Masks
Hair Cleanser (Replaces Shampoo and conditioner)
Rhassoul possesses a strong negative charge and high absorption rate carrying away excess sebum, toxins, heavy metals residues and impurities.
At the same time, many essential minerals and trace elements are released from the clay particle into the dermis, encouraging better health and reduced signs of aging. Follicle health and hair quality are also improved.
Directions for use:

Mix with water and leave to hydrate and activate for about 10 minutes. Use a non-metallic bowl and spoon. Add more water or powder if needed to acheive the right consistency for the intended use.
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Rich in minerals such as silica (which helps tone the skin and improve resilience) magnesium, calcium and more.
Ghassoul clay is superior to other clays. Fine, silky, pale grey in colour with a hint of pink-brown, this beautiful clay is highly esteemed around the world in exclusive professional spas for the cleansing, nourishing, exfoliating and rejuvenating properties.
Ghassoul comes from the Arabic word “ghassala”, meaning “to wash”. Used as a natural beautifier for over 1400 years by Berber women, it was later discovered and adopted by women of ancient Egypt and Rome.
Ghassoul clay has excellent Ion Exchange Ratio to further facilitate cleansing and deodorizing action. It is gentle and softening to the skin, including sensitive skin, and is highly efficient at absorbing excess oils from the skin and scalp.
In summary, Ghassoul Clay achieves the following for skin:
Reduces dryness
Reduces flakiness
Improves skin clarity
Improves skin elasticity / firmness
Improves skin texture
Removes surface oil and oil from deep inside the pores, significantly reducing acne and spots
Fades scars and closes open pores
Removes dead skin layers, resulting in a general smoothing of the surface skin
Thoroughly cleans scalp, leaving it healthy, tingling fresh and flake-free
Leaves hair soft, silky and less susceptible to splitting.

Instructions for use of Rhassoul
This is the basic instructionsfor mixing rhassoul but as with all hair products it is recommended that you doa strand test first.

Ghassoul(Rhassoul) from Morocco.
Mixing ghassoulfor healthy hair and skin:
-Place the pieces of rhassoulinto a non- metallic dish plastic or potl and put warm to hot water on it.Allow to stand for at least 5 minutes.
-do not stir just leave tostand until it turns to a muddy paste see pic on listing.
-Apply rhassoul or ghassoulpaste to making sure completely covered
-time can vary from 5 to 20mins depending on hair type dry hair leave on for less time than oily hair.
-Rinse well.
-For face or body, mix asdirected and rub into skin. Rinse well.
Once made into a paste can bestored in fridge for up to a week