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Fine Rhassoul Powder (25kg)

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Our finest quality rhassoul clay powder

This is an amazing and highly sought-after clay which is a natural mineral rich clay mined from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
As it is a natural organic mineral powder it is perfect to use to cleanse both your hair and skin. Supplied in pieces called plaquettes or shales which dissolve in water to form a paste
It is the high levels of mineral content that attracts the dirt, impurities and excess oils to it and then simply rinses away with warm water.
Leaving your skin and hair feeling fantastic, removing impuritities, looking amazing!


-100% free of irritants and very kind to all skin types

-Cleanses all skin types & hair without stripping the natural protective layers, (never removes the oils in your hair or skin or your skin's sebaceous glands, as aggressive shampoos or soaps often do.)

-Ideal to use for people who find traditional soaps/cleansers irritating. You will discover that this is totally different clay, being exceptionally versatile and gentle and very beneficial for all types of skin conditions including Dry as well as Oily!


-Treatment Masks
-Daily Cleanser
-Body Masks
-Foot Masks
-Hair Cleanser (Replaces Shampoo and conditioner)

Directions for use:
Mix with water and leave to hydrate and activate for about 10 minutes. Use a non-metallic bowl and spoon. Add more water or rhassoul if needed to achieve the right consistency for the intended use.